About San Diego Mardi Gras 2016

The Best DJ’s and Acts in Music Today: As always Mardi Gras will feature some of the best national and regional DJ and performance talent. Gent and Jawn’s, Groovebox, Los Rakas and A-Plus of Souls of Mischief will be joined be over 15+ DJ’s and performers. Check out the full lineup here.

Roving Entertainment/Platform Entertainment (down the parade route): Roving entertainers will be themed to the various areas, so “Lady Liberty” will stroll the streets of New York and showgirls will stroll the streets of Las Vegas!

Show Girls: Ornately dressed show girls will light up this Las Vegas venue with sensual dance moves to get hearts pumping. Show girls will be on stilts for elevated visibility.

Acrobatic Cirque Performers: Performing insane stunts and unbelievable bends these acrobatic performers will rival the performers of Cirque du Soleil and will represent the dramatic show scenes of vibrant Sin City. Acrobatic Performance to DJ: A dynamic acrobat performance will meld with the beats and interact with the LED lighting effects to create a spectacle of movement and energy.

Elegant Stilt Walkers: Stilt walkers dressed in tuxedo outfits will highlight the elegance and sophistication of the Hollywood scene. These stilt walkers will roam throughout the Hollywood venue and also on the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter attracting guests to come check out Hollywood.

Samba Dancers: The rhythm will pump through your heart as the Super Sonic Samba School dons elaborate costumes and wow you with energetic Samba moves.

Capoiera Dancers: The block will heat up with this mix of dance and martial arts moves brought to you by Capoeira Brasil.

Pink Flamingo Stilt Walkers & Acrobats: Legs of pink feathers will tower overhead as stilt walking flamingos cruise through the Miami block along with teams of playful flamingos performing acrobatic stunts and tricks.

Chris Rubio Productions: These street drummers will create a rhythm for the city that will stop everyone in their tracks as they turn ordinary items into dynamic musical instruments.

Graffiti Art: Live graffiti art will cover a 24 foot x 24 foot surface of this block and as the event progresses attendees will see a masterpiece of San Diego art come to life.

Glow Performers: Glow performers will celebrate the color and vibrancy that embodies San Diego. Performers will roam between all five venues as well.

Breakdancers: This high energy hip-hop group will mix in stunting and acrobatics creating a fresh, funky, and fun environment.

Fire Dancers: New York will bring the heat with twirling flames and fire spectacles brought to you by stilt walkers and walkabout acts. Broadway Go-Go Dancers and Street Performers: Four talented groups will act out their own adaptation of scenes from well-known Broadway musicals. These takes on the beats of Stomp, the wizardry of Wicked, the power of Rent and the ferociousness of Cats will bring the energy of New York to the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter. These performances will maintain the essence of the original piece, but will be morphed into clubbed up variations fit for San Diego nightlife.

Pussycat Dolls: A sensual dancing performance by the Pussycat Dolls will bring an element of sex appeal to the ever-so-sexy Hollywood scene. With exciting costumes and world-class moves, this act will be a show-stopper. Celebrity Stilt Walkers and Go-Go Dancers: Marilyn Monroe, Cher and Madonna will join the party in their own way. Celebrity impersonators on stilts will cruise by over ahead reminding everyone they are from the city of superstars.

Kryoman: A giant animatronics feature will be brought in to roam between the five venues. This is not an ordinary, run-of-the-mill robot as it combines every major special effect in modern club culture bringing them together to create the most iconic figure in dance music to date.

50 Ft Puppet: A dramatic 50 foot Chinese Dragon-esque puppet will be created and painted with scenes from the five different cities that will be featured at Gaslamp Quarter Mardi Gras. This dragon will roam through and between the venues connecting the cities together to create one hot party. Guests will be intrigued to check out all of the different venues as they are given a sneak peak of the enormity of the production as this oversized creature passes by.

Gaslamp Mardi Gras is San Diego’s most beloved nightlife street party.  The party that San Diegans know and love will return to 5th Avenue on February 6th, 2016 and will bring back the performers, parade, and spectacle that sets the standard for San Diego nightlife and entertainment.  Exciting and enticing stage and street performances with new energetic groups will bring the WOW factor this event like never before.

Across the United States there are cities known, and flocked to, for their dynamic and unique nightlife. These popular travel destinations and favorite nightlife locals include Miami, Florida; New York, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; Hollywood, California; and of course, the beautiful Historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, CA.  Mardi Gras 2016 will play on the themes that are associated with each of these favored nightlife cities, and incorporate them to create five different and unique venues, along 5th Avenue.

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